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  1. “i can say that Mr Pale makes some delicious cookies, yes indeed, it’s a shame he can’t ever taste what he makes, nonononono… and do people make fun of him? sure, but that means nothing to Mr Pale… he cares not for the laughter of others.”
  2. [chk] *hissssssss* “Oh? Who is… oh wait. I remember. He invented something that drove many to be… how do you put it? ‘Done’? Let me see if I remember… Ah yes, the Scalene Triangle.”
  3. WHOistosaythatIHAVENOTdiedsoMANYtimesbefore?iamREBORNineachnewbodythatITAKE.”

AskAFear #033

Okay guys, I need help

My ask a fear blog found here got an ask for the Plague Doctor. The person is wondering what is his favorite disease.

In order to avoid offending anybody, because it seems like any answer I could give would be inflammatory, I’d like to know if there have been any mild and amusing diseases. Even ones from the 1700s that turned out to be something else later down the track but was diagnosed as something completely different.

I did google searches and stuff last night without much luck so it appears my google-fu was unsuccessful.

If somebody could help me out I would very much appreciate it.

(Also as added incentive I will credit anybody that helps me in the answer I give (if multiple people) and I will also do a pencil and ink sketch commission for the main person who helped me.)

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