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Spent 2 hours making my very first dnd 5th edition character, a human wizard themed as a necromancer. I’m happy with how it turned out, but character creation for sure isn’t as simple as 4th edition. Trying to find out what the fuck arcane implements do and how they are used was a total load of bullshit because all it is was a throwaway sentence under the spellcasting chapter that was super hard to find.

Whatever, it’s done now. Seems alright for dms when it comes to the adventures still so that should be okay. I still absolutely love the background generation system for characters, especially how it fills out your equipment list with lots of interesting stuff.

Hoping I can help out my roommate when it comes time to make his tiefling bard for a game he’s playing in online.

Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition


I got my Player’s Handbook today. Want to read about it?

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Holy shit, this sums up everything that I have to say about 5th edition so well. Thank you for this post. It’s a fantastic read. As a DM myself I am really looking forward to the DMG now that you’ve said it looks like an upgraded 4th ed version. One of the other things I really appreciated about the PHB is that they included a section devoted to gods for a wide variety of campaign worlds (forgotten realms, eberron, dragonlance), including pantheons from ancient earth which was pretty cool.

ECS Timeline


It’s been a while, but I’ve been playing around with a program called Aeon Timeline. While I’ve been using it to work on a family tree project, I sat down this morning and transplanted the modern timeline of Eberron from the 3.5 Campaign Setting into Aeon, which I found to be quite interesting and informative (for example, the lycanthrope purges lasted almost all of King Jarot’s life. No wonder he was paranoid!). 

You can see the product of my work in PDF form here, although warn you that it is a very large pdf and you will be using zoom a lot. 

This is such a badass thing you’ve made.


Rise of the Moon by Philipstraub

This is a distance picture of Sharn, the City of Towers from the Eberron Campaign setting.  It also just so happens to be my favorite city in all of fantasy, and the location of my current Pathfinder campaign.

This is the first time I’ve seen an actual depiction of the city that I feel does it justice in all of its glory.


Warforged taking the Ninja Spy PrC get silly. 7th level in the class gets at will alter self, and since warforged are living constructs…. anything in the room could secretly be a ninja disguised as an Animated Object.

Door? Secretly a ninja.

Bed? Secretly a ninja.

Carpet? You guessed it, a ninja.

When robot ninjas are everywhere, nothing is safe.

Within this picture are concealed 15 robot ninjas with Alter Self. They could be chairs, the sign on the wall, a shield above near the ceiling, a barrel, even something an innocuous as some of the tiles on the floor or even the windows of the building.

Now begs the question of what to do when you find yourself potentially surrounded by murderous robot ninjas who are out for your mortal life?

Thankfully, we have the answer.

Here are Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from the popular show Mythbusters with the answer:

And besides, like the old adage goes:

Happy Birthday to the D&D Family!


40 years ago this weekend, Dungeons and Dragons was born out of a partnership of Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, and here we are two score years later, and the world has changed in so many ways.  D&D is barely the same game it was all those years ago, with the only similarities being thematic ones: monsters we’ve grown to love, the d20 itself, AC, vancian casting (Okay, love is a strong word on that one).  But that doesn’t matter, really.  It’s what we do with these rules that really makes the game what it is.

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This basically describes the exact same way I discovered DnD and Eberron. I remember sitting on my pc and looking through amazon for what books i wanted for christmas and always coming back to the core 3 and eberron.


We’re playing this campaign called Dragonmech.

The basic idea is pretty simple.

It’s your normal fantasy affair. Humans, elves, dwarves, all that shit.

One day, the moon just got shoved closer to the world. Nobody knows why but it really fucked things up on a major scale. The planet’s lunar orbit was absolutely messed up and the moon was physically being stripped to the planet in a rain of meteors and death. Not to mention there’s these assholes called Lunar Dragons who lived on the moon. When the meteors and lunar showers started nuking the surface world, they rode on them like surfboards and now are starting to wreck our planet for the fuck of it.

Everyone went underground. Dwarves were pissed off by this.To make matters worse, the Lunar Dragons had their own gods. When the moon came closer, their gods entered our pantheon and started murdering the shit out of the afterlife, so clerics and paladins suddenly don’t get spells once every few days because the gods are too busy not getting their shit murdered by lunar dragon gods.

Eventually we got pissed off by being underground and lunar dragons wrecking our shit, so one day a dwarf came up and said:

"Let’s build some fucking giant robots, bitches."

And nobody believed him.

Until he made one and the pilot destroyed a dragon with it.

So everyone’s in mechs now and there’s steampunk everywhere. If you don’t live underground you’re probably on a city-sized mech wandering the surface stomping on dragons and shit and surviving meteor showers. That’s basically it.

This sounds so fucking badass.


Today I lost my damned mind. I spent six straight hours drawing silk damask from scratch with the pen tool after spending about that many hours making gemstone symbol sets and gold chain brush sets so I can deck Hadyn out like the spoiled rich kid man he is. A friend asked me if I’m at least using a Wacom tablet for all this, to which I replied with the bottom photo. Tablet-schmablet. I have the fine motor control of a goddamned surgeon.

Major suggestion: never watch The Tudors while drawing nobility. You’ll get so into ornament that you’ll go blind.

Our DM has set us some homework


We’re owed some magical items from a previous encounter. Our DM has told us to look through the common and uncommon items in the Player’s Handbook and make a list of our top three.

Do any of you guys have any common/uncommon items that you especially like? Or any that you especially covet?

This blog hasn’t been active for long enough to allow replies on this post, I think. But if you have any suggestions feel free to chuck them in my ask box :)

First up, what do you mean by common/uncommon items? Secondly, which edition of the system are you playing? Thirdly what kind of level are you? Fourthly, why isn’t you DM helping you if you have questions about the game they are running?

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