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This is what Im wearing to go see mum for mothers day.

Ponytail, aviator sunglasses, gears of war necklace, green tourmaline necklace, headphones, n7 jacket, world of warcraft top, blue jeans, chicago white socks hat, green camo belt and in my pocket is my 2ds.

Who says i dont know how to fucking accessorize? Hahahahahha.

I’ll probably even wear my cowboy boots today too.


If I was taken to build a bear on a date and got to make a stuffed animal I’d literally cry tears of happiness


Say hello to the one I got. His name is Sergeant Bearington (get it? like the rifle) and he even has a fake passport so I could bring him back to Australia with me, seeing as he’s an American citizen and part of the US defense forces.

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