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“I love the Nordic mythology in Skyrim, and I also love the Avengers, so I decided to make Loki in my game. He focuses mostly on Ice Magic, summon Ice Atronachs, and uses a staff as a weapon when he does use one.”

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If you want to get the similar kind of horned helmet that Loki has, the closet I know of is the Masque Of Clavicus Vile.

You can get it by finishing the Clavicus Vile plot in Falkreath.

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you give up the tesseract! you give up this poisonous dream! you come home. 

((Look at the way Thor pushes Loki in the last gif. He almost makes Loki trip. He’s like “Get up there.” YOU BIG BULLY, THOR!!))

umm, no

I beg to differ

I’ve seen a closer up version, and Thor has his hand on Loki’s arm, and that’s Loki pulling away. Let me see if I have that gif anywhere.


nope, can’t find it.

but I know, I know, I know that that isn’t Thor pushing him.


Here it is~

And yes, Loki is fed up of being led around and totally doesn’t want Thor leading him around.

Loki is done.

He’s done with Earth.

He’s done with his brother.

He’s done with caring anymore.

Loki is a broken broken man…

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