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Candle Cove S01E11 in gifs.

this was probably one of my favorite episodes. Percy was fucking hilarious, I always remember cracking up at that line from the fourth gif

this ep was brilliant

Heh, dramatic ZOOOOOM!!!!

God, the Skin Taker scared the shit outta me when i was a kid. >_<

Yeah what the fuck was up with that guy? Kinda… mature for a kids’ show.

Even so, this was probably the best episode. Indisputably.

See that’s the thing, I didn’t get to see this until I was nearly 12. Due to be being not born when it first aired. I always thought it was aimed at really young kids, but looking back on this it’s pretty fucked up what they used to let us watch.

What are you guys even talking about? All the gifs are is static. :/



This show deserves better insults than that.

Pirate Percy ftw!

Just realised, you can see the fish hook in the Skintakers jaw as it goes back and forth in gif #2. It was a pretty low budget show. And I think they couldn’t even get the young girl to stop being on the verge of crying every few minutes or so.

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