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“And what does that one say?”

Khem Val growled.

Selk crossed his arms.  “Come on, I can see it has words on it.  What’s it say?”

The Deshade growled again, but turned to glare at the neon sign overhead.  “‘Try our new sight augment enhancers.  You can ‘see’ the difference.’”  Each word was said with increasing distaste.

The sith paused for a second before laughing.  “‘See,’” he repeated with a wide grin, and then chuckled again.  He ran forward five paces and pointed at another sign, this one with the neon outline of a reclining twi’lek.  “What does that one say?”

This is so adorable. I’d never considered that the sith inquisitor had never learned to read as a slave, but it makes perfect sense. It’s sad in its own way, but the way Khem eventually reads everything out regardless makes this so wonderful.

Finally got my spaceship for my Inquisitor so I decided to roll a new character just to see how another intro plays out.

Meet Captain Asturellius. My smuggler cyborg character.

She’s very witty so far and is rather upset that within the first 20 minutes of the game her spaceship is stolen by separatists.

Follow-up to my post from last night talking about the followers of Revan.

So I was going to this cave that would test me. In good ole’ fashioned star wars style I would end up encountering something that would change my perceptions.

Now, keep in mind that up until this point I’ve been playing as a purely dark sith character. Never chosen a single light side option ever.

But this cave…

As I descended into it I got a sense that it was pretty ancient. Memories seemed to flow through it like glaciers and upon reaching the central chamber, with its dias raised high and an altar with miscellany strewn across it haphazardly, I caught a sense of being watched.

Ignoring the dangerous beasts that made the cave their home, I and my follower shifted into a stealthy stance, stole our way past them with nary a care, and climbed the dias steps to behold the altar properly.

I approached while my follower kept an eye on the beasts, making sure we wouldn’t be caught unawares. Too bad for us that we didn’t expect that a ring of flames would cut me off from escape as I studied the ancient relics of Revan.

I stared up at the statue guarding the altar and felt my stomach drop as I heard footsteps from the darkness of the cave.

That single slot mask of Revan stepping forth through the flames. Signalling my imminent doom.

Suddenly I was awash with electric arcs pounding through my body and I was wracked with intense pain, my muscles spasming uncontrollably.

To be continued.

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