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EA and Bioware under attack by Anti-LGBTQ Groups

Beneath is the letter encourage people to spread to those wishing to support LGBTQ and basic human rights with:

"This is no joke: Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest video game companies in the world, and maker of the highly popular Star Wars: The Old Republic video game - is the target of a boycott orchestrated by hateful anti-gay groups. As we speak thousands of anti-gay letters are flooding their headquarters, threatening to push the company and its staff to the dark side ("Homos are ruining gaming!" wrote one boycotter.)

Why? Because they had the courage to give players around the world the option of including a gay romance storyline in their interactive Star Wars game.

I just signed this letter from All Out (and Master Yoda!) asking Electronic Arts staff to stay strong and resist the dark forces of homophobia. The more of us that let the company know they’re doing the right thing, the more support they’ll have in continuing to resist the dark side. Sign now, and tell your friends about this important campaign”

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