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How The Most Expensive Game Jam In History Crashed And Burned In A Single Day




To say there is an uncomfortable air of fear in security is one (perhaps overblown) thing. To see the largest and only production of its kind, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and an entire secondary production company locked in silent rapture under lit signage for Mountain Dew, the entire project gloriously rupturing like the belly of the Bismark – that is another. To be ushered by muted fear and nervous glances, to stand in desolate directors rooms filled with black screens and empty chairs. Darkened judging stands. Color-coded team challenge floors, soon to be dismantled, but left intact in the hopes that some shimmering archangel would descend and reinvigorate the 11 indie developers currently revolting against Maker Studios inside their rented Winnebagos.

To see the funeral procession of high creatives and story writers and production directors as they left the studio lot, heads down, on their way to a punishment tribunal we would only learn about in cracked voices and quaking half-jokes. The fake grass, crushed cigarette butts and empty beer cans; the trays upon trays of uneaten catering. And the understanding that it was a total wash – completely unsalvageable from a production standpoint – while the developers sat in tears, horror and shock on brand-integrated lawn chairs mere yards from a freelance crew already looking for their next gigs.

This is a very important article about an even that happened this past weekend at Maker Studios, one of the major production companies that manage groups such as the Game Grumps, Yogscast, and many other loved Youtubers. This is the story of how they fucked up, big. 

(Fun fact, the guy that wrote this article actually got fired for it VERY NEARLY GOT FIRED FOR IT, because the website it was published on is owned by Polaris.)

if you care about game development, the indie game scene, and/or the toxic environment of sexism in gaming at large, READ THIS ARTICLE AND THE THREE ARTICLES IT LINKS TO. It will be well worth your time.

Wow. Wonder if JonTron or Markiplier will post a video or comment about this, if they haven’t already. I don’t follow them that closely as some do. Can’t say I’m surprised about the level of rather excessive assumed control and marketing snafus, though.

I think the only thing Markiplier had to say about it was that he got to hang out with some really cool people after the fact. I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna not talk about it on his main channel at least. Dunno if he’ll feel like talking about it in a different format though.

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